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What is BNG Endurance Coaching?

BNG Endurance Coaching is certified coaches that offer guidance and training while in group activities. Also, if you have a burning question about your training, your race, your gear, or your nutrition, ask us. There are 6 of us now and we expect to add more coaches down the road. You have always had shared experienced with all of the phenomenal athletes on BNG and that is what this team was founded on. Continue to leverage your teammates because you will always have that endless support. Now we are putting a golden ribbon on an already great package.

As coaches we learn just as you learn. Also, we race and compete ourselves. It’s a win/ win for the team.
Out of town and out of state athletes, we will provide the same guidance to you as well. Just reach out to the coaches. That goes for all of BNG. You may have your own individual coach too, which is encouraged. Now, you have this too. All of us with BNG Endurance Coaching, coach athletes individually as well.

BNG athletes will be prepared for any type of distance race. We have too much experience on this team for that not to happen.
When someone is asked “what do I get with BNG? “ This. This is part of your membership.

Now there is coaching and guidance from certified coaches. Ironman Distance, Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling, Strength and Conditioning.

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