Running Marching Drills

As triathletes, we spend time in the water doing endless drills to help improve our swim technique. We also prioritize single leg drills while cycling to enhance our pedal stroke efficiency. But what about running? Running requires coordination, balance, motor control, rhythm and timing. Just like swimming and cycling, our running form is worthy of attention. Try this marching drill with these key factors in mind: 1. Maintain tall, upright posture 2. Perform reciprocal arm swing 3. Land with soft, flat foot 4. Do not grip floor with toes 5. Avoid excessive wobbling Perform marching drill 1 to 3 minutes before and [...]

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Big Data

As Triathletes, we spend a large portion of our training and racing on a bike in the aero position.  While we certainly aren’t “cyclists,” we are most like time trial cyclists than any others (criteriums, road, cross, mountain, etc).  The standard distance time trial in cycling is 40k (often referred to as 40k ITT (for individual time trial as opposed to TTT for team time trial).  While I am hardly the cyclist that I once was (or may someday be again), I love this discipline because it is simple, there are no tactics (other than pacing), there are no interactions [...]

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Be Epic

Growing up in a family of 8 boys and 1 girl, I have always been a fairly competitive person. As an adult, I ran in many local races, such as the Crescent City Classic. Around 2003, one of my brothers started running and recruited me to join him in longer distance races. From 2003 to 2012, we ran a number of local races, including numerous half marathons. When I finally ran my first marathon, I hated the last 6 miles and swore I would never do it again. In April of 2013, a friend of mine heard that I was [...]

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