Swim better, race better

Want to get better in the water? How many times a week do you incorporate swimming in your training? For triathlon training you should be in the pool at least three times a week. In my previous writings I have expressed how important swimming is to endurance sports training. However, if you are looking to get faster or more importantly more comfortable with the swim, *consistency* is the key.  Consistency, meaning time in the pool, interval times and correction of stroke. I believe the reason triathletes shy away from swim, other than it’s the shortest part of the race, is there [...]

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Importance of the Swim

As triathletes we tend to disregard the swim and see it as the least important part of the three disciplines. While I understand the thought process, I strongly disagree. Although time gaps gained in swimming can be easily narrowed on the bike in short distances, in longer distances it can make all the difference in the world. Especially because your strong swimmers tend to be strong all around athletes.  There  are a few reasons why this is so. Swimming is an endurance sport. Swimmers also get the most out of their swim training by doing varying set workouts, using proper [...]

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Cultivation Nation Race Recap

Race report Cultivation Nation. So the times and speeds were what they were. Swim:1:51 /100 yrd pace.  Water flat as glass even cool too and you can see you hand as well ( foreign concept for most of us in the coastal area of MS/LA).  If you are new to the open water swim this race is where its at.  Great for first time triathletes.  ( The following 2 are a bit more challenging) Bike:20.6 for 17 miles.  Hilly not too bad except the last one on the way back.  That one is a bit uncomfortable  Loved going down the downhills really could get some fast speed. [...]

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Prevent running injuries with a higher cadence

Up to 80% of recreational runners experience a running related injury (RRI) every year. The most common RRIs occur at the knee and below in areas such as the leg, shin, ankle and foot. Increasing one’s cadence while running can reduce the load to these regions of the body that are most frequently injured. Your run cadence, or step rate, is the number of foot contacts made per minute while you run. Most recreational runners fall between 140-180 steps per min. Cadence is affected by multiple factors and will differ between runners. How do I calculate my running cadence and [...]

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IM Muncie 70.3 Race Report

IM Muncie 70.3 I don’t think anyone on the team has done this half so I wanted to give it a quick review in case you wanted another race option. This one is great to put on your list, if you don’t mind the 13 hour drive or hopping a short 2 hour flight. Great venue!! It’s hosted at a reservoir, which is also the swim site and transition. Very laid back and friendly atmosphere. Lots of shade and lots of things for family with kids to do. While you are on the course, they can access the reservoir to [...]

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Small Victories

“The smallest victories can seem like the biggest wins in the world of triathlon. Triathlon is a challenge with 1 million challenges within. To claim victory over one challenge can propel you to win 999,999 more times.” If we start setting smaller goals, I mean really smaller goals within you training, we can gain so much more confidence while steadily increasing your technique, strength, and efficiency. I’ll give 3 examples: Practice BiLateral breathing during swim training. When: when you have that Buoy between your legs, take advantage of that extra assistance to practice bi lateral breathing. During Brick Sessions ...really [...]

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Why flip turns are important for triathlete training

Why flip turns are important for triathlete training.  “Well I’m a triathlete, I swim in open water.  Flip turns don’t help me”, “can’t do flip turns in the open water. Why learn them?”  I know this seems logical but guess what?’s not. You are a triathlete, you are three components in are a swimmer, cyclist, and runner.  You abide by the rules of training as cyclists and running. So why not by swimming? Swimmers do flip turns in training. It produces a fluid workout, which helps increase endurance which actually helps in cycling and running.  If you have a [...]

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Ironman 70.3 Steelhead Race Report

This year was a year of doing some completely new 70.3 races than I have in the past. I still need to do a race report for Texas 70.3 but since Steelhead is fresh on my mind, I’ll start here! This race takes place in Benton Harbor, MI and the swim is in Lake Michigan. I picked this one due to a great convergence of schedule and course. I love lake swims, the bike is gently rolling and the location made me hope that the weather on the run would be pleasant. Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad I [...]

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Incorporating Paddles and Buoy into your swim training

Incorporating Paddles and Buoy into your swim training by Coach Mina Using paddles for swimming has been a long time debate of good vs. bad.  There has been a lot of controversy saying that using them is like a crutch. I feel they can be a great training tool if used correctly and not over used. Using paddles can help tremendously with form of stroke because you are forced to bring a high elbow out of the water and reach, which in turn assists in the rotation of the body needed to grab the water for a strong pull. With this [...]

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Running Marching Drills

As triathletes, we spend time in the water doing endless drills to help improve our swim technique. We also prioritize single leg drills while cycling to enhance our pedal stroke efficiency. But what about running? Running requires coordination, balance, motor control, rhythm and timing. Just like swimming and cycling, our running form is worthy of attention. Try this marching drill with these key factors in mind: 1. Maintain tall, upright posture 2. Perform reciprocal arm swing 3. Land with soft, flat foot 4. Do not grip floor with toes 5. Avoid excessive wobbling Perform marching drill 1 to 3 minutes before and [...]

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