Swim better, race better

//Swim better, race better
Want to get better in the water?
How many times a week do you incorporate swimming in your training? For triathlon training you should be in the pool at least three times a week. In my previous writings I have expressed how important swimming is to endurance sports training. However, if you are looking to get faster or more importantly more comfortable with the swim, *consistency* is the key.  Consistency, meaning time in the pool, interval times and correction of stroke. I believe the reason triathletes shy away from swim, other than it’s the shortest part of the race, is there are so many components to improving your swim technique which in turn makes you faster in the water. They try to fix too many things at once and try too late in training (right before a race).  Athletes should work on one thing at a time. This is where consistency comes into play.  If you are only training in the pool once a week and your interval times are all over the place, your swim time will not improve.
I’ll use myself for example:
So, my feet are angling down and my head is up. I’ve been given a workout of 10×100.  When I finish my times range from 1:30-1:45 all supposedly at a moderate pace with a 20 second rest.  My first three 100s are good but by the third one I’m tired and my times increase for the rest of my set.
To correct:
Tuck chin to bring legs closer to surface and almost parallel to the bottom of the pool.  (If you can see the wall at the other end of the pool, your chin is too high.)This way I’m not fighting the water. Now I can get through five 100s at 1:30/100 and over the next five only increase to 1:35.  Over time as I improve, I cut rest times and find another thing to improve.
After 6 months of *consistent* pool training in this way, along with varied workouts, not only will you become a more confident and faster swim, but you will start seeing improvement in your other training as well.
Mina Whitmer
BNG Performance Coach
USMS Coach
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