Importance of the Swim

//Importance of the Swim

As triathletes we tend to disregard the swim and see it as the least important part of the three disciplines. While I understand the thought process, I strongly disagree. Although time gaps gained in swimming can be easily narrowed on the bike in short distances, in longer distances it can make all the difference in the world. Especially because your strong swimmers tend to be strong all around athletes.  There  are a few reasons why this is so. Swimming is an endurance sport. Swimmers also get the most out of their swim training by doing varying set workouts, using proper training gear and doing flip turns. Drills, proper stroke and breathing techniques for swimming are extremely beneficial in training for other sports.

Using swimming for preseason conditioning is making its way into high school and college athletic programs. Swimming is not just for swimmers anymore.  Which is why BNG Endurance is partnering with U.S. Masters Swimming to encourage our athletes and other athletes to get comfortable and learn to love the swim. Remember, it all starts with the swim.

Mina Whitmer
BNG Performance Coach
USMS Certified Coach
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