Cultivation Nation Race Recap

//Cultivation Nation Race Recap
Race report Cultivation Nation.
So the times and speeds were what they were.
Swim:1:51 /100 yrd pace.  Water flat as glass even cool too and you can see you hand as well ( foreign concept for most of us in the coastal area of MS/LA).  If you are new to the open water swim this race is where its at.  Great for first time triathletes.  ( The following 2 are a bit more challenging)
Bike:20.6 for 17 miles.  Hilly not too bad except the last one on the way back.  That one is a bit uncomfortable  Loved going down the downhills really could get some fast speed.
Ahhhh the Run: Well was having a nice little race up until this point did average a 9:47 min/mile pace (so not complaining)  Lets just say had some lower GI distress issues here.  Moving forward in the story.  So it what it was.  Run is hilly for this
Coast person I bet I have some hill repeats coming in my very near future  Run got hot fast.  I mean it was like “Africa hot, I mean Tarzan couldn’t take this kinda of heat.” People from Biloxi should get the reference.  There also is a picture floating out there with me actually in flight phase .So lastly about my race.  Some people will find this very funny.  So apparently after 3 years of owning my 920XT I cant work it.  I really jacked that one up to say the least.  Isn’t there a saying about some monkeys and a football that would be this guy today with my watch.  Oh well got to laugh at it.
Ok so giving some athlete shout outs tonight.  GREAT JOB!! Mandy Bermond Scafidi 1st Place Athena.  with a 13 minute PR  Excellent job!!!  Check her out. Lady with a really cool story (not mine to share).  Thanks for the “Let’s FXCKing Go!!  Made me laugh.  I really needed this at this point.
Kim Jordan Griffitt  Great job today.  Super proud of this lady.  3.3 mph faster on the bike in about 18 weeks and she felt great on the run too.  And was smiling the whole time. Great things coming in October for this lady.
Landon Lawrence Nice job man.  Just cruising along today.  Running the hills like they were nothing.  Must be all the altitude training he did in the spring.  Gets his training in even around all the things he has going on.  ( Man he is like the In Living Color skit with the you only got 12 jobs you lazy)
Charlene Sullivan Sylvester She too has a very challenging schedule and manages to get training in when she is home and runs on the road.  Very happy on her bike and run time 8:34 minute mile split as the coach where did that come from.?  Not going to brag on her swim I mean she did swim in college.  On To Deep South.
Special Thanks to Brandy Maulden and Amanda Hudson and all their volunteers.  Great job and thank you very much for all the work that goes on behind the scenes that make these races go.
Great to see everybody (way too many to list 56 miles in the morning) out there and share this awesome sport of triathlon. #bngendurance #bngperformance
BNG Performance Coach
Ed Sylvester
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