IM Muncie 70.3 Race Report

//IM Muncie 70.3 Race Report
IM Muncie 70.3
I don’t think anyone on the team has done this half so I wanted to give it a quick review in case you wanted another race option.
This one is great to put on your list, if you don’t mind the 13 hour drive or hopping a short 2 hour flight.
Great venue!! It’s hosted at a reservoir, which is also the swim site and transition. Very laid back and friendly atmosphere. Lots of shade and lots of things for family with kids to do. While you are on the course, they can access the reservoir to swim and there are playgrounds for the kids. Bring some chairs or blankets and camp out for the day.
It’s a closed course, so no worrying about cars on the ride or run. Only downside is if your guests park anywhere near transition they are there for the day.
Swim- calm and warm. It was wetsuit optional but just barely so I opted no wetsuit. I swam the day before and it was way too warm for me so I didn’t want to overheat with a wetsuit. Swim is notorious for being slow though. And mine was super slow! But, I was completely calm so no complaints. Very well marked but the sun is in your eyes if you are a right hand breather.
Bike- rolling hills, out and back, 2 loop. Well supported. You actually got 4 aid stations because of the double loop. Some rough spots but overall good roads. Never got crowded even with the double loop.
Run- omg hills! 😂 course description says 146 gain but my watch clocked 476. 🤦🏻‍♀️ it was a challenge for this flatlander but obviously something you could train for being aware.
It was warm, high 80’s, but very low humidity so way nicer than what us southerners are used to. There were a lot of people calling it brutal heat and me and the others from Louisiana were saying what are you talking about, you have no idea!
Overall, I’d recommend this one and I think I’ll be back (with some Hill training next time though!).
Tara Davis
BNG Endurance Team Captain
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