Be About the Process

//Be About the Process

In nearly all pursuits, striving for a result can sometimes work, but it is rarely the most efficient, most satisfying, or most beneficial manner to obtain a result.

How many times have you told yourself: “this year, I am going to run a 60 minute 10k,” or “I am going to do a 70.3 in under 6 hours (or 5 hours or 4:30).”  If you are setting goals in this fashion, there is a high likelihood that you are setting yourself up for failure or at least lack of fulfillment.

We all want to get faster, we all want to be stronger, be leaner, and generally do better.  So how do we set goals that will produce that result?  The answer is to be Process Driven (not results driven).  Here are a few examples:

1 – Instead of setting a goal to “run a marathon in 3:30;” set the goal to run 6 days per week rain or shine and to follow a dedicated structured marathon training plan.

2 – Instead of saying, this year, I will PR the 70.3, set a goal to turn off your phone and TV at 9:00pm and be fast asleep by 10:00pm.

3 –Instead of saying “I am going to lose 15 lbs this year,” set a goal that you will not eat fast food for a month.

4 – Instead of saying “I want to swim a 1:00 Ironman Split;” set the goal of never missing a swim session, or joining a masters team and participating a certain number of times per week.

Books have been written about proper goal setting, in the end, if you are process driven, results will happen, not because you set a goal to PR, but because you set a goal to commit to the process.  Think about ways in life that this is also true (work, relationships, etc.)  Do the small things and the big things will happen and if they don’t, do due to something that is arbitrary and beyond your control, you certainly didn’t fail to meet your goal, because your goal was about the process, not the result.

If you are interested in learning more about this process, feel free to contact me at V3 Tri Racing.

Jim M.